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About us

Soft10 is proud to have the support of Cobalt Ventures, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City, in the development of Dr. Mo and our mission to make predictive modeling available to any business with data to benefit from! Cobalt Ventures, LLC offers a range of innovative solutions to strengthen existing health care services. Through our subsidiaries, we offer a comprehensive range of products to address the health care needs of employers and employees, easily and cost-effectively.

We embrace fresh ideas, deliver flexible solutions, and develop key partnerships that open the door to incredibly beneficial opportunities. We are proud to support Soft10 and the analytic opportunities that it opens up within healthcare and other fields.

Here are just some of the well known names in business who have made use of Dr. Milorad Krneta’s previous analytic innovations to drive and improve their business.

You can license Dr. Mo by week, month, or year. For full, in-house access to Dr. Mo and all the benefits the software can bring your business, try one of our licensed options. This allows you to install your own instance of Dr. Mo on your own servers and use his capabilities whenever you like for a given period of time.