Easy to customize

Soft10 Prediction Software can do in hours, or minutes, what would normally take dozens of Mathematicians with expensive statistical software, days or weeks to perform because Soft10 is Automatic!

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Easy to use

East to use

We have created video tutorials and documentation special for you, where you can quickly find answers at your questions and problems.

Soft10 does not need any specialized training except learning the mechanics of execution which should not take more than an hour or so.

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MultiModel Prediction

multimodel prediction

MultiModel Predictions are generated by the Group of Best Models. Each prediction unit-record Gets accuracy and significance from the member of the Group chosen the best for the unit-record.

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Soft10 Revolution: Automatic and MultiModel Predictions

Based on: Bayes Statistics, Stochastic Matrices, Shannon Information Theory and Milorad Self-learning Nodes

Self-Learning Nodes Network: Creator, Selector and Modeller


1. fully automatic mathematical processing

2. multimodel predictions delivers groundbreaking accuracy

3. runs hundreds of prediction jobs simultaneously

4. executes at the fraction of normal time and cost

Prediction: MultiModel vs. Best Model

O. Best Model assumes only ONE pattern

M. MultiModel looks for all high probability patterns

O. Best Model statistical significance based on average for all records

M. MultiModel statistical significances are drown by each model records

O. Best Model scores all records with ONE model

M. MultiModel scores each record with its own Best Model

Consequence: MultiModel predictions are significantly more accurate then Best Model predictions.

Breakthrough in Mathematics :

Current status of prediction methodology:

  • All prediction points are with the same predictors

Soft10 prediction methodology:

  • Each prediction point gets its own predictors

The mathematical paradigm shift:

  • From overall Best prediction to   Each record Best prediction.


Why choose Soft10?

Check the great feature list why you should try our service:
  • Automatic:

    Self learning algorithms runs the whole process-they create, select, predict self verify predictions

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  • Non-parametric:

    Based on conditional probabilities- no assumptions to limit the best models find

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  • Multi Model Prediction:

    highest accuracy- finds group of BEST prediction models

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  • It can process any type of structured information
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