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What Dr. Mo Can Do for You:

Soft10 is proud to introduce Dr. Mo, Ph.D., ONLY automatic statistical software in the world that replaces statisticians to meet today’s Big Data Challenges! The result of years of testing and refining on the part of inventor and statistician Dr. Milorad Krneta, Dr. Mo is a powerful, self-learning technology that is poised to bring the power of big data and predictive modeling into the hands of every company collecting data now or in the future.

We are confident in the impact Dr. Mo can have on your business and want to show you right away how exciting he is and how he measures up to more traditional analysis methods. See below and decide for yourself if you want to hire him!

Traditional Manual Predictive Modeling

Dr. Mo’s Automatic Predictive Modeling

Number of
Processing TimeWeeks, months, ...Seconds, minutes, hours!
Statisticians NeededAlwaysNever
Real-time PredictionNeverAlways
Accuracy GuaranteeNoneAlways
Labor CostHighNone
Software CostHighMedium
Bias ErrorSignificantNone
Pattern RecognitionLimited: One, best model predictionUnlimited: MultiModel prediction

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