Dr. Mo - Predictive Modeling Software powered by Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Mo, the World’s ONLY automatic Statistician, performs the most complex predictive analytics, data mining, predictive modeling and data science work.

Dr. Mo is a unique predictive modeling software powered by artificial intelligence that produces predictions in seconds or minutes. Other programs, dependent on a higher level of human operation, can take weeks or months to produce less accurate results. These programs use the common “best” prediction model, taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Dr. Mo, on the other hand, uses Multi-Model Prediction Technology which ensures that the best possible model is applied to each individual record resulting in up to 99% predictive accuracy.



From installation or registration through implementation of results, Dr. Mo is easy to integrate into your existing business operations. Licensed version is available as SaaS through secure private cloud.

You can have Dr. Mo up and running for you in no time!



This carefully tested and proven method has led to Dr. Mo, automatic statistician software to be capable of up to 99% predictive accuracy, an unparalleled value in the field today.



Dr. Mo is automatic, meaning it is a faster, simpler, and more efficient predictive analytic solution for your business. The platform is self-learning, and develops predictions based on automatically identified models that represent the most accurate predictions for each record.



Dr. Mo is built to be able to handle anything and everything thrown at it, returning the best possible predictions for the given data set. Able to handle any type or size of structured data set, the automatic statistician uses a non-parametric process, based on conditional probabilities and learning from the data itself rather than relying on blanket assumptions. This ensures that the resulting predications are the most accurate and relevant available.



Dr. Mo employs a multi-model approach to predictive analysis. While traditional analysis takes the best model and applies it to all records, limiting the accuracy of results, Dr. Mo identifies ALL viable models and applies the best model for each record in the data set to ensure maximum prediction accuracy.


Fully Supported

While Dr. Mo is built with the goal of bringing the power of predictive modeling and analysis into the hands of everyone with data to use, the support of our clients is of the utmost importance to us. Soft10 provides support for all your Dr. Mo needs via multiple channels for your convenience.