How Dr. Mo Works

Get to Know Dr. Mo

Dr. Mo is designed with every business in mind. If you have data, we want you to be able to get the most out of it and improve your business, and that is exactly why Dr. Mo was created.

From its simple graphical user interface, to its straightforward outputs, and even to its price, Dr. Mo is an accessible and practical way to unlock the power and potential in your data. Click through the slides below for a basic walkthrough of how Dr. Mo works and start making the most of your data!


Important: You will need 2 files to complete your prediction. The first one is typically called a training file or historical file. This shows actual recorded data that will be referenced to make the prediction.

Next, you have a prediction file. This contains data, with a number of variables, that you want to make a prediction about based on those variables, as well as the data from the training file.